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Empowering Surgical Teams Worldwide

Step into the future with Incision, where cutting-edge technology meets hands-on learning. Feel the pulse of innovation with Incision Assist, guiding your OR and periop teams through every challenge. Thrive with our specialized e-learning platforms, crafted for students, OR and SPD staff, ensuring no one is left behind. Embrace the transformation, where education meets action, and every step forward is a leap towards excellence.

Join Incision, and be part of redefining surgical care together.

Experience the impact

Trusted by over 200 hospitals and universities globally, we're proud to be a driving force in elevating medical education and enhancing performance in operating rooms.

  • Gives us the unified view we need to distribute the right information to the right people, before every procedure.

  • There is a need for novel digital solutions to enhance and complement training opportunities. We believe that Incision provides just such a solution.

  • The SPD program is beautiful and has phenomenal information. Students love it!

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