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Our INCISION Academy offers step-by-step guides, which can be accessed anytime and anyplace, on every device.

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Creating a global network for Sharing Surgical Skills.

Our surgical guides are structured using a standardized step-by-step method. Consistently structuring practical surgical knowledge is the first step towards the creation of a universal surgical language. A language spoken between trainers and trainees. A language spoken in a global network of surgeons, which will collectively speed up the development and implementation of surgical innovations. By sharing surgical skills - whether in our Academy or in a future global network of surgeons - the quality of surgical care is likely to improve. Worldwide.

With a global surgical network, hospitals can ensure that their workforce uses the latest knowledge.
A global surgical network will speed up distribution of knowledge, which will improve the quality of healthcare.
Universities can more quickly convince the global network of surgeons to adopt an innovation.
Through the global network, individual authors will have an additional channel for sharing their knowledge.
Through the global network, students are ensured that what they are studying is based on best practice.
Training institutes may use the power of the surgical network to ensure an up-to-date and modern curriculum.
Top surgeons will have a new channel to share their knowledge and skills.
INCISION will create and facilitate the connections between all these important players.