We help surgical professionals

Incision gives people access to shared experiences, skills and expertise. We provide tools to get a quicker and more thorough preparation for the OR.

We create a common surgical language to streamline the communication in the operating theatre, and with colleagues around the world. We're structuring the steps it takes to perform surgery and we're making it available. Everywhere, for everyone.

Incision Academy

Smart learning tools

In the Academy it's possible to evaluate your knowledge by taking a test. In each course you'll find valuable content including pre/post operative chapters, objectives and learning goals.

High quality visualisation

Every procedure is filmed from a surgeons point of view and available in 3D. Our anatomical highlights and 3D inlays provide a better understanding of different anatomical structures.

Endorsed production

The Academy is developed according to international guidelines. It's supervised by senior surgeons. We are accredited as an institution by leading establishments such as the RCSE.

We believe

everyone deserves the best surgical care. We believe in sharing. One thousand minds are greater than one. We believe structuring information is the key to shared knowledge and expertise. We see a future where the best surgical knowledge is available for everyone, everywhere.

Our core competences

is clarifying and structuring knowledge.

We are consistent in the way we build our courses, to bring structure to knowledge. We always follow a standardized step by step method. It’s our philosophy that this common language will improve surgical communication globally.

We always use stereoscopic filming to bring more clarity to different anatomical structures. We're focussed on improving surgical education with augmented and virtual reality.