We are Incision

We are a group of highly motivated, structured and passionate people. We are surgeons, anatomist, medical doctors and business professionals who take action everyday. We’re exploring new paths and we’re changing the world of surgical education, step-by-step.

Board members

Charles Pallandt

Chief Commercial Officer

Ritsaart van Montfrans

Chief Executive Officer

Theo Wiggers (MD PhD FRCS)

Medical Director & founding father

Guido Geerts (MSC)

Board member & founding father

Jaap Maljers (MD MBA)

Board member & founding father

Incision team

Linda de Ree

Project Manager

Ken Ijumba

Medical Content Creator & Medical Copy Editor

Eva Andriessen

Customer Consultant

Robbert Wienen

Medical Content Creator

Toon Koebrugge

Video Editor / CGI- expert

Michel Dieben (MD)

Anatomy & 3D Education Advisor

Femke van der Gaag (MBA)

Business Development Manager

Caroline Theunissen

Medical Content Creator

Sjoerd Bastiaansen

Customer Experience Lead

August Oudshoorn

Medical Content Creator

Philip Hozier

Video Editor

Suzanne Pruisscher

Medical Content Creator / Srub Nurse

Louise Driessen

Medical Content Creator

Herfita Agustiandari

International Key Account Manager

Marjolein de Waard

Medical Content Creator

Sacha Odufré

Video Editor

Marian Scheer (MD/PhD)

Medical Content Manager/Surgeon

International representatives

Annemiek Dekker

Local representative South Africa

Mohamed Elshazly

Customer Consultant / Local representative Egypt

Onur Ince

Customer Consultant / Local representative Turkey

Elvis Kuma Forson (MD)

Local representative Ghana

Gita Nasution (MSc)

Local representative Indonesia

Hilda Gikunda (MBChB/MSc)

Local representative Kenya

Moses Obimbo (MD/PhD)

Local representative Kenya

Be a part of Incision

We are always looking for the most hard working and highly motivated people.

  • Are you in for a new challenge?
  • Do you have a passion for surgery?
  • Do you like to work with innovative training materials?
  • Would you like to work in a dynamic start-up atmosphere?

If you think that you have what it takes, check out our vacancies.

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