AfPP launches Summer School with Incision

Kim Taylor · · 2 min read

The Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) and Incision are pleased to announce their partnership to support the ongoing education and training of all AfPP members. In this educational collaboration, the full Incision Academy will be made available exclusively to AfPP members throughout July, August and September. There are over 500 high-quality video courses designed to enhance skills and knowledge within perioperative practice.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on training for perioperative practitioners. University courses were postponed or shifted to remote learning, placements were cancelled, and many of our members were redeployed from theatres to the ICU. The AfPP works to enhance skills and knowledge within perioperative care – ongoing education is a huge part of achieving this. So, we are delighted to offer our members an online learning platform they can use on their own schedule this summer. It is great to see new methods of knowledge transfer emerging and we hope a more virtual training format will empower practitioners to manage their own development.

– Dawn Stott, CEO of the AfPP

Endotracheal Intubation, Skill course on the Incision Academy

We are proud to join forces in this collaboration to support professionals working in the perioperative field. We will keep identifying opportunities for improving training through the application of technology, turning around the current position of demand having to adapt to supply. So, whether AfPP members are exploring training opportunities or are interested in a specific course this summer, there are resources to support everyone who works in the perioperative environment.

– Ritsaart van Montfrans, CEO, Incision

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