Incision has launched the Sterile Processing Program at AORN

Incision Team · · 2 min read

Incision has launched the Central Sterile Processing Program at AORN

The past few weeks have been a blast!

We celebrated the successful launch of our new Sterile Processing Program at AORN 2023. In case you missed it, find out more through our designated landing page by filling out this form below.

Get access to our dedicated landing page

We will also be showcasing the program at the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA) conference, May 6–10 in Nashville.

Why are we creating this program?

  • To support new technicians during their orientation and supplement RN and ST certification.

  • To empower new staff to understand the "why" behind the task and fully appreciate the links to patient safety.

  • To encourage professional development through understanding of clinical practice, theory and background

Background story

Sterile processing departments are often tasked with onboarding new technicians without prior knowledge of the field. Many new technicians have little to no experience in healthcare. Standard materials create highly task-orientated training situations with little structure, theory or background. These scenarios do not allow the new technician to understand the why behind the task, making the link to patient safety difficult to grasp. This program aims to provide standards-based material covering the technician’s main practice areas, including rationale and implications for the operating room and patient care.

Our program aligns with HSPA, AAMI, CNOR and CRCST guidelines — emphasizing the rationale behind reprocessing and the implications for the operating room and patient care.

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