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Incision Academy
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LUMC case study-2

How Incision is empowering LUMC to make learning and development a common good

Incision Academy & pilot customer Incision Assist
Case study
    • - The Incision Academy is used to increase participation in professional practical learning
      - The medical equipment courses are used to solve the learning challenge and organize the CMT certification that’s required for the accreditation of OR personnel
      - Testing and automated certification is used to monitor the learning process objectively

Wenkebach case study

Introducing a more visual way of learning to both teach, stimulate and improve students' performance 

Incision Academy
Case study

- Incision Academy is used as a teaching method 
- Students use the Academy as a just-in-time learning tool to prepare for the operating room (performance support) 
- Incision plays an important role in blended learning, optimizing traditional formal learning time, and cultivating self-reliant, highly engaged learners

Incision Assist
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MST caste study-1

How Medical Centre Twente (MST) uses Incision Assist to improve OR efficiency and team alignment

Incision Academy & pilot customer Incision Assist

- The team aims to remove waste from processes
- They want to integrate with the EPD to make the day start more personalized, and have the team completely aligned in the morning (synchronized workflows)
- The team aims to reduce the administrative burden through efficient protocol management

Ijsseland case study

Standardizing protocols t0 minimize team cognitive load and increase flow in the OR

Pilot customer Incision Assist

- The team is looking for an efficient way to document surgeons' preferences, way-of-working, and the daily learnings to improve workflows on a more regular basis
- There is a need to distribute critical information needed to perform in a timely and efficient manner