Childrens Automated Respiration Monitor (CHARM)

Childrens Automated Respiration Monitor (CHARM)


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Step by step

General information

Product overview

This is the Philips children’s respiration monitor, known by the abbreviation, CHARM.

This device is a respiration monitor that automatically and accurately measures the breath rate of a child under the age of 5, to detect pneumonia.

This is the on/off button which is used to switch the device on and off.

This is the LCD screen, where the measurements and icons are displayed.

This is the select button which is used to make the selection of the appropriate age setting.

This is the OK button which is used to confirm your selection and start the measurement.

This is the LED indicator which lights up green or red according to the measurement.

This is the adjustable strap which is used to apply the device around the baby.

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