Lumify Ultrasound System

Lumify Ultrasound System


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Lumify Ultrasound System

1. General Information

This is the Lumify ultrasound system, a portable ultrasound machine connected to your smartphone or handheld device.

The intended use of the product is diagnostic ultrasound imaging and fluid flow analysis of the human body.

In this film the use of the Lumify ultrasound system for obstetrics will be explained.

The lumify ultrasound consists of these objects.

This is the Android Tablet that has been provided.

It is protected by a rugged case and a screen protector with a built in holder for the S pen seen here.

Note that the android tablet is not the only device that can be used, any compatible device may be used with this system.

This is the on/off button of the tablet.

It is located on the right upper side of the tablet, covered by the protecting case.

This is the on/off button when the device is on standby.

Touch the button to activate the device and swipe to unlock the homescreen.

This is the LCD screen where the sonographic images are displayed through the Lumify app.

In the right upper corner you can see the battery icon as well as the battery life in a percentage, the time, and the connectivity icon.

On the back of the device, there is a clip on, adjustable stand that allows you to use the tablet in landscape position.

On the bottom of the Android Tablet there is a USB type C port to connect the charging cable or transducer and a headset jack.

Note that the tablet can not be charged during the examination since the transducer is already connected to the tablet.

Hence, you need to make sure the tablet has sufficient battery left for performing an ultrasound.

This is the quick release cable that connects the transducer to the android tablet.

The quick release cap offers protection to the probe against dust and water.

To assure a seamless and waterproof connection and avoid damage when connecting, the quick release cap is pulled backwards before connecting it to the transducer.

Once proper connected, it is slided forward.

This is the transducer. It is connected to the tablet by plugging the quick release cables into the USB port at the bottom of the Android Tablet.

The port is covered by the case for protection.

This is the charging adapter which should be plugged into the wall socket.

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