Non Invasive Blood Pressure Device

Non Invasive Blood Pressure Device



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Step by step

General information

Product overview

This is the non invasive blood pressure device.

This is the LCD screen which will show the measurements, time and date.

This is the clock button.

This is the on/off button.

And this is the memory button.

On the left side of the device you will find the cuff connector.

And on the right side of the device is the input for a charge adapter, that is not provided with this device.

On the back of the device, is the battery compartment and underneath the battery compartment lid, the batteries can be found.

This is the adult blood pressure cuff. And this is the artery marker that should lie in line with the brachial artery.

The blood pressure cuff is connected to the device via the cuff connector as demonstrated here. Take note that in your outreach kit, there will also be a children’s blood pressure cuff provided.

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