Open Feeding Jejunostomy

Open Feeding Jejunostomy


This Open Feeding Jejunostomy course will teach you:

  • How to create a open feeding jejunostomy for administration of nutrition at the level of the jejunum

Special attention is paid to the following hazards you may encounter during this Open Feeding Jejunostomy procedure:

  • Accidental fixation of the jejunum

With the following tips you might perform this  Open Feeding Jejunostomy procedure even better:

  • Catheter localization
  • Alternative abdominal wall perforation
  • Catheter withdrawal
  • Fixation of the jejunum to the abdominal wall

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Step by step

Abdominal cavity approach

Abdominal wall


Abdominal approaches are discussed in the course ‘Abdominal wall incisions’. Usually this procedure takes place after another abdominal procedure.

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