Pectoralis Major Flap

Pectoralis Major Flap

This course provides you the practical knowledge for an individual surgical procedure.

After this course, you have :
  • a clear understanding of the steps to be taken to execute the procedure;
  • seen an example of how the procedure is executed;
  • a clear understanding of all anatomical structures encountered during the procedure;
  • seen an example of how the anatomical structures look within the setting of the procedure.

Step by step

Skin island creation



Mark the line from the shoulder to the xiphoid and mark the island according to the size of the defect that has to be closed. Secondly mark the line that runs from midclavicular to the first line. This represents the branches from the acromiothoracic artery, which serves as the major feeding artery for the pectoralis muscle.


Incise the skin around the skin island. Lowest point should be on the 6th intercostal space.

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