Open Ureteroureterostomy

Open Ureteroureterostomy

The Ureteroureterostomy course will teach you:

  • To create an end- to -end anastomosis between the segments of the same ureter after excision of the intervening or injured ureter.

Special attention is paid to the following hazards you may encounter during the Ureteroureterostomy :

  • Complete necrotic and scarred urethral tissue removal
  • Urethral stricture
  • JJ stent dislocation
  • Correct JJ stent length estimation
  • Tension on ureter

With the following tips you might perform the Ureteroureterostomy even better:

  • Spatulation of the ureter
  • Introduction of JJ catheter prior to anastomosis creation
  • Direction of suturing for optimal exposure
  • Rotating the ureter using the treads for optimal exposure
  • Continuous versus standing suture
  • Protecting the anastomosis with omentum
  • Drain placement

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Step by step

Anastomosis preparation



Identify the ureter at the point where the defect is present.

Transect - proximally

Transect the ureter proximal to the defect, such that it is free from any necrotic and/or scar tissue.

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