Perineal Dissection

Perineal Dissection

The Perineal Dissection course will teach you:

  • How to perform the perineal part of the Total Mesorectal Excision

Special attention is paid to the following hazards you may encounter during the Perineal Dissection:

  • Internal pudendal vessels injury
  • Internal pudendal nerve injury
  • Damage of the urogenital neurovascular bundle or urethra
  • Ureter injury

With the following tips you might perform the Perineal Dissection even better:

  • When to choose a prone or a supine position
  • Indication for the resection of the os coccyx
  • Ventral dissection
  • Filling of the pelvic cavity using omentum om rectus abdominis muscle
  • Reconstruction of the pelvic floor using a mesh or myocutaneous flap
  • High tie or low tie transection of the inferior mesenteric artery

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