Life Light

Life Light


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Step by step

General overview

Product overview

This is the Philips life light.

And this is the solar panel which may differ in appearance per backpack.

The life light is a a solar portable lantern. This means that this solar panel is used to absorb solar energy from the sun. This energy is stored in the battery, and the power may be used to switch the light on/off or charge a mobile phone via the USB port.

Note that the solar panel only supplies power to the life light and cannot be used to supply power to other devices.

After opening the outreach kit, you can see that there is a cable that is coming out of the solar panel.

This cable passes through an opening in the outreach kit and is permanently secured to the solar panel and cannot be disconnected.

This is a 3 metre cable and can be folded on itself and secured using a small piece of wire or elastic band, to make it fit well in the outreach kit.

Note that the solar panel may be carefully removed with the cable from the front of the outreach kit to be laid in the sun to charge.

This is the handle of the life light.

This is the on/off button.

This is the charge indicator, which blinks green when charging.

This is the low battery indicator, which blinks red when charging is needed.

This is the charge connector for the solar panel cable.

And the USB port.


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