Vaginal Breech Delivery

Vaginal Breech Delivery

This Vaginal Breech Delivery course will teach you:

  • How to deliver the fetus in breech position by using the hands-off approach and the Bracht maneuver.

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Step by step

Vaginal Breech Delivery


In this film the normal vaginal breech delivery will be shown. First the hands-off approach will be demonstrated and then the Bracht maneuver. These maneuvers may be performed during the delivery of a fetus in the frank breech presentation and complete breech presentation. Take note that a footling presentation will usually be delivered per cesarean section.

Take note that breech deliveries in general are associated with a higher maternal and fetal morbidity rate compared to normal deliveries with the fetus in the vertex position. It is advised to notify the operative team before a breech delivery is attempted since a cesarean section may have to be performed if there is inadequate progression or fetal distress.

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