Wind Up Fetal Doppler

Wind Up Fetal Doppler


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Step by step

General Information

Product overview

This is the wind up fetal doppler.

This is a portable device that can detect the heart rate of a fetus after 12 weeks of gestation using ultrasound waves.

This is the on/off button.

This is the LCD screen.

The LCD screen displays the fetal heart rate in numbers, as well as the fetal pulse indicator, that shows up as a blinking black heart.

Note that this is the Phillips wind up fetal doppler, however the brand may differ between outreach kits.

This is the loudspeaker through which the sounds can be heard.

And on the top of the device you will find an input for the insertion of the charging adaptor.

This is the fetal probe. The fetal probe is permanently attached to the top of the wind up fetal doppler.

On the back of the doppler there is a winder, which can be used to manually charge the batteries in case of an emergency.

Also found on the back is the LED charge indicator. This green blinking light indicates when the device is charging.

This is the charging adapter which should be plugged into the wall using these two interchangeable wall pieces seen here, that both clip on to the charging adapter as demonstrated here.

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