Bianca Kor Product Implementation Manager at Incision

Bianca Kor, Product Implementation Manager at Incision

After working as a scrub nurse and team leader for multiple years, Bianca started at Incision back in August, where she started working as a product implementation manager. Bianca knew that e-learning was her calling when she saw the quality of the videos that Incision makes, and how easy they make the lives of medical professionals.


A career with a purpose

At Incision, Bianca is busy developing a new product called Incision Teams. Teams is all about preparation for the operating room, team alignment and learning from others through education. It’s for scrub nurses, nurse anesthetists, trainees, residents and surgeons.


Teamwork in the operating room

Why does the operating room need something like Teams?

The operating room is a dynamic environment. A lot of knowledge is in the heads of team members. Surgeons have their own approaches for procedures, and due to the pressure in the operating room, it is difficult to keep up to date with protocols. 

In the operating room, teamwork is extremely important, but often it’s difficult to trace where the responsibilities are, what can be improved, and which processes can be better aligned. Hospitals which were already using the Incision Academy enquired about whether we could help with these challenges.

What is the added value of Teams?

Teams can support operational assistants extremely well. There are so many different specialisms they need to focus on, that it’s easy to lose track. Teams helps them refresh their memory, and ensures that the processes run smoothly. Assistants will know, ahead of time, what materials doctors use, what’s needed for the positioning of the patient, and is supported with the right information at all times.


How have you validated the product?

We’ve had a lot of conversations with people working in healthcare and particularly in the operating room, and during the pilot we’ve interviewed many people. Making quick iterations, testing the platforms, adding what needs to be added and removing unnecessary particles has been extremely important in the quick turnaround of the product.


What do you think about the future of scrub nurses?

I think they need to get more time for training, so they can stay up to date with new developments in their field. There will be an increasing number of operations carried out with or supported by machines. These are new developments and require different skills of OR assistants, but people need to have an affinity with technology. Analytical capabilities will be increasingly important when working with these different technological advancements.


What's your ambition with Incision?

I’d be really happy if we can attach all courses to the Incision Team tool, and give maximum support to the operating room, by providing easily digestible information. We really want to stimulate the intrinsic motivation, providing maximum relief and a fun way of learning for the operational assistants. Continuous development of the courses and training in all kinds of specialism is on the radar. I have enormous admiration for this industry, and we’ll keep iterating the product so we can deliver the best tool in the industry.


Curious to know more about Incision Academy?

The Incision Academy contains over 500 high-quality video courses on surgical procedures to prepare for your work. Explore surgical procedures step by step in 2D & 3D, master basic principles and skills, anatomy, medical technology, and much more. We bring together everything that’s required to optimize OR performance.

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