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EU Subsidies

Incision is currently receiving two subsidies from the EU; one for a Virtual Reality project: β€˜SurgINNOV’ and the other for an Artificial Intelligence project: β€˜SurgicAId’.


Incision is working together with the UMC Amsterdam and Kepler to create tools for testing and benchmarking surgical knowledge. The goal of the project is to develop two tools ready for market adoption; one being an assessment tool for surgeons on 40 key procedures, and the other being an surgical team assessment tool for 5 key procedures.


Incision is working together with Liters on an educational virtual reality project, using the Oculus Quest, to create an anatomy program for testing anatomical knowledge of surgical students. In order to share surgical skills around the world, there will be networking modules added where knowledge can be shared and surgical care can become standardised.