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Everyone can access one course free of charge. Click here to select your free course. After that you can become a member.

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The structure of our courses follow a standardized structure; from the writing of surgical steps (audited by experts), filming the procedure using high resolution cameras, to editing the film using state of the art gadgets. In addition, there are other courses added to the content and finally, a test to assess the knowledge attained through the process.

Incision has three founding fathers, each with a different background and field of expertise, all boasting their innovation, motivation, and entrepreneurial skills evident in the Academy. Together, with their extensive experience, they form a diverse team, directing the Incision academy.

Incision is part of the SurgAssist consortium. The consortium has recently been granted funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 700925. The EU Horizon 2020 grant forms the majority further developments of the Academy (70%). The other 30% is accrued from private investors.

We are constantly uploading new procedures to the Academy – currently up to 5 procedures per month. Take a tour through the up-to-date overview of our current Academy portfolio.

Please contact us and let us know which procedures you think are currently lacking in our portfolio. Click here for an overview of all the current procedures in the Academy.

You can give feedback regarding both our content and your experience via the FEEDBACK button inside the Academy. Feedback is important to us! It is directly transferred to our medical team who escalate the matters at hand to the surgical experts linked with the Academy.

For this specific feedback, we ask that you leave your email address in case we need to contact you directly for further questions.

If you are a surgical expert and interested in working together with Incision to develop Academy course(s), or a full portfolio, please get in touch with us.

Our Incision Academy requires an internet connection; to stream our videos and to navigate through the pages. However, we do have a free offline app (for Android) with videos and descriptions of 4 essential procedures. These videos can be downloaded with an internet connection, and can subsequently be viewed in an offline setting.

An internet speed of 2Mbit is sufficient for the streaming of the surgical videos, however, the initial load of the website could take up to 15 seconds to load on such a connection. For an optimal experience of the Academy, an internet speed of 10Mbit is recommended.

You can watch our videos in 3D on your smartphone with any 3D viewing device currently on the market. Incision has developed a pocket-size, foldable 3D viewer with the highest quality lens, accessible on the market. If you purchase an annual membership, you now get our Incision 3D viewer for free (value: EUR 20).

If you want to watch our videos incorporating it as a part of educational meetings, a 3D beamer / TV is required.

About Incision membership

You are now invited to tour the Incision Academy by signing up with your email address on the website. This gives you unlimited access to 4 surgical procedures in the Incision Academy (Lower leg amputation; Open abdominal hysterectomy; Robotic rectopexy; Open antegrade cholecystectomy), as well as giving you an impression of the content and interface of the Incision Academy.

By signing up for a membership, you are granted 1 month free, giving you instant access to our Academy, allowing you to watch unlimited surgical videos from your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop. If you are pleased with your Incision Academy trial period, your membership will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a member. An Incision Academy membership is either structured on a month-to-month or yearly subscription, that is stipulated and starts at sign up. You can simply cancel your subscription at anytime, online, 24 hours a day.

There are two membership options: an individually paid membership (paid either monthly or annually), or an individual membership paid by your educational institute (paid annually).

If you choose to remain a member of the Incision Academy after your 1-month free trial period, you’ll be billed once monthly or annually on the date you originally subscribed.

Please log-in to the Academy, click on My Account via the profile Icon at top right of the page. On the ´My Account´ page, proceed to payment settings, click on View – and cancel your subscription.

Please log-in to the Academy, click on the blue UPGRADE NOW button at the top right of the page and follow the subscription and payment flow. Remember You receive the first month for free.

Currently it is only possible to create a membership via credit card payment. In the future we aim to offer also other payment options.

An organization can purchase a bulk package of memberships, at a discounted rate for their staff. Our accounts work on an individual basis, but we are happy to discuss tailor-made options for your organization. Please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.


Please go to the login page and click on “Lost your Password?”

Please use the Chat or Feedback option inside the Incision Academy to quickly get in touch with us!

Outside the Academy, you can contact us via the contact form.

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