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Learning structure


Each course provides detailed information around a specific surgical procedure. Courses include; course goals, a 2D/3D film, a step by step guide, an anatomy lesson, objectives, pre-and post-operative information and a test.


Collections are bundles of courses. A bundle can contain courses outlining different methods around the same procedure, can be brought together around the same type of skill, or anatomical structure.


A program consists of several courses and/or collections which are customized to institutional needs, allowing the program to optimally support their curriculum.

What's in a course?


Incision’s standardized step-by-step guide describes procedures in clear, reproducible steps and sub-steps. Each sub-step covers a specific action or an anatomical structure.

Tips are included in the step-by-step which help to perform a procedure. Potential hazards are highlighted to create awareness about how to avoid possible injuries and complications. As you watch demonstrations of procedures you can also follow the written steps provided.

3D Anatomy models

Anatomical knowledge is vital when performing surgical procedures. Incision Academy offers anatomy lessons which have been tailored to specific surgical procedures with our 3D models giving you the optimal opportunity to understand the anatomy involved, by allowing you to turn models and zoom in and identify different layers.

2D / 3D video’s

Incision Academy provides high-quality 2D/3D educational films demonstrating surgical procedures, filmed from a surgeon's point of view. To ensure the depth and relationship of anatomical structures to one another is fully experienced our surgical procedures are filmed in 3D.

You can watch an individual procedure in its entirety or just focus on individual steps, as each step has its own film clip. Procedures can be viewed in 3D on smartphones using a 3D viewer, projected with a 3D beamer or viewed on a 3D screen.

Test your knowledge

You can take tests to simply test your knowledge (self-test) or to obtain CPD-points.
When you select a film you will be asked if you wish to take the test to obtain CPD points or to test your knowledge. Once you have selected self-test, it is not possible to take the same test to obtain CPD points.


Each course has its own specific test. If you do not pass a test, two additional tests are available containing different questions. After your third attempt, it is not possible to retake a test immediately.
When you pass a test, a PDF certificate is sent to you by email. For Dutch surgical residents you can link your Incision Academy account with the VREST database.

CPD test

Tests to obtain CPD points are the same tests as those taken when self-testing. You should be aware it is only possible to take tests to acquire CPD points if you have not previously taken the same test as a self-test.

Support center


To contact us through chat please use the chat button.


Or send us an e-mail via our Support tab. You can use our feedback button to give general feedback or to give specific feedback by using the tool.


Please find the most frequently asked questions here (www.incision.care/support). If you can’t find the answer you need please contact us.

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