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Academy: Accelerate your OR team’s skills

Empower your staff with practical knowledge tailored to their roles

Empower your team with Incision Academy, the revolutionary e-learning platform for surgical education. In today's understaffed hospitals, cost-effective and scalable training is essential for delivering high-quality care. Our platform addresses these challenges by offering e-learning solutions for hospital trainees, with over 500 video courses, interactive 3D anatomy models, and step-by-step learning modules. Accelerate orientation, standardize learning, and equip your healthcare team with the knowledge they need to deliver exceptional care. Equip your team with practical knowledge and the opportunity to become certified in specific skills.

Practice-Based E-Learning

Fast-track skill development with practical e-learning

Boost skill development in your OR team through our practice-oriented approach. Our proven step-by-step method simplifies learning, bridging the theory-practice gap. With Academy, your staff can access 170+ courses tailored to a variety of roles in perioperative services, providing practical knowledge, tips, and detailed surgery footage for a variety of roles in perioperative services.

Our extensive curriculum covers key foundational knowledge, generic clinical skills, asepsis, operating room etiquette, radiation safety and hygiene, sterile processing, equipment setup and operation, commonly used devices, core anesthetic principles, prevention of surgical site infections and many more. Whether it's scrub nurses, anesthesiologists, or surgical technicians, our platform empowers your team with the skills needed for successful surgical interventions.

High-Quality Video Content

Experience real-life surgeries through high-definition videos

Equip your team with high-quality video content that bridges the theory-practice gap and enhances the confidence of your OR staff. Our e-learning platform provides an extensive collection of 400+ real-life surgery videos, meticulously curated to offer an immersive learning experience. These videos are not only visually captivating but also enriched with augmented reality (AR) technology. Through AR, we bring the surgical environment to life, allowing your staff to explore and understand critical anatomical structures like veins, nerves, and more.

Accompanying the videos are detailed step-by-step instructions that provide a comprehensive understanding of each surgical procedure. This combination of visual content and structured guidance reinforces learning, enabling your team to make a seamless transition from theoretical concepts to the real-world environment of the operating room. By immersing your staff in our video content, we empower them to develop a deeper understanding of surgical techniques, enhance their decision-making skills, and ultimately contribute to improved patient outcomes.

Interactive 3D Anatomy Models

Enhance learning with interactive 3D anatomy models

Explore over 30 unique anatomy models, including difficult regions like the abdomen, extremities and the pelvis. Our 3D models provide a comprehensive understanding of surgical procedures and anatomical landmarks, enabling better-informed decision-making and safer surgeries.

Our interactive 3D models are interactive, including the ability to hover, rotate, and zoom in/out for detailed examination. Switch between layers, such as skin, veins, and muscles, to gain a comprehensive view of the anatomy. Each surgery course includes a 3D anatomy model as well as images with the description of the region, allowing learners to grasp the surgery easily.

By integrating our interactive 3D anatomy models into your training curriculum, you can empower your team to develop a solid foundation of anatomical knowledge. This deeper understanding will support their confidence and precision in surgical procedures.

Medical Device Courses

Master medical devices for safe and efficient procedures

Empower your operating room staff with the expertise to confidently handle medical devices through our specialized courses. Academy offers over 25 courses, covering a wide range of medical devices used in surgical procedures. From high-risk equipment like surgical drills, anesthesia tools, to endoscopic staplers and more, we ensure your team understands device usage, troubleshooting, error prevention, and safe practices.

With our detailed medical device courses, your staff will gain in-depth knowledge of device functionality, including troubleshooting techniques and error message interpretation. They will also learn how to prevent complications and implement safe practices when using high-risk equipment. By mastering medical devices, your team will contribute to the highest level of patient safety and procedural efficiency in your hospital, enhancing both the well-being of patients and the overall effectiveness of your OR.

Tailored Programs

Bridge theory and practice with essential skills for perioperative staff

At Incision Academy, we understand that every healthcare organization has unique training requirements. That's why we offer tailored courses designed to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to establish your training goals and create a completely customized program from scratch. Whether you're looking to onboard a group of surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, or other healthcare professionals, we will develop a curriculum that aligns with your organization's objectives.

With our tailored courses, you have the flexibility to choose the topics, duration, and level of training that suits your team best. We take into account the specific knowledge and skills your professionals need to excel in their roles. By collaborating closely with you, we ensure that the training program addresses your organization's unique challenges and delivers tangible results. Additionally, our tailored courses come with an attractive price tag, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of education.

Centralized Supervision

Effortlessly track progress for streamlined and standardized learning

Effortlessly monitor the progress of your staff's orientation with the supervisor dashboard. Get a comprehensive overview to save valuable time and effort. Busy preceptors and managers can now access the status of their students in a blink of an eye, ensuring a smooth and efficient orientation process. With our user-friendly dashboard, you can easily track the completion of courses, assess performance, and ensure that each employee is meeting the required learning objectives.

The centralized supervision feature not only saves time but also promotes standardization in the orientation process. You can quickly identify any knowledge gaps, address them promptly, and ensure that every new staff member receives a consistent and high-quality training experience. Plus, upon completion of a program, employees will receive a certification, making audits stress-free and ensuring compliance with training requirements.

Accelerate orientation with academy: empower your team through practical knowledge

The Academy e-learning platform streamlines and standardizes learning, enabling rapid integration. Experience a seamless, structured orientation experience aligned with industry standards. Immerse your team in practical, hands-on learning exercises that mirror real-world scenarios, fostering confidence and reducing the learning curve.

Seamlessly integrate our user-friendly platform into your learning environment for a standardized orientation experience that saves time and resources. Empower your employees to excel from day one and set the stage for long-term success.

  • Streamlined Orientation

    Accelerate the orientation process with practical e-learning.

  • Cost Savings

    Reduce burden on preceptors and resources spent on travelers.

  • Enhanced Employee Retention

    Foster professional growth and job satisfaction.

  • Easy Supervision

    Simplify management and tracking of staff orientation.


    The quality of the Incision academy for surgical training has been validated by several peer-reviewed publications. Incision has structured its research studies in three themes: learning by observing; learning by doing; learning by reflecting. The publications are based on different research methods: Delphi survey techniques to achieve consensus, systematic reviews with meta-analysis, cohort studies and randomized control trials.

    Renowned for Quality: The e‑learning platform for surgical education

    Over 175 organizations worldwide choose Incision Academy as their trusted partner to empower healthcare workers and students for excellence. Our on-demand e-learning platform revolutionizes the way they learn, ensuring their ability to learn multi-disciplinarily in the challenging hospital landscape. Join the growing community of organizations harnessing the power of Incision Academy to unlock the full potential of their teams.

    • Incision was very decisive in their collaboration with us. They listened to our challenges, such as directing the team to the right courses in order to get their quality passport complete. Incision picked that up and implemented it very fast. Now our people are linked directly to the right part in the Incision academy in order to complete the required tasks for accreditation.

    • There is a need for novel digital solutions to enhance and complement training opportunities. We believe that Incision provides just such a solution.

    • I have woven the Incision Academy into every aspect of our program - from the skills lab to the didactic. Easy access to reliable visual material, broken down into small bites, lets students learn at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed. The modules form homework, in-class activities, and supplement clinical practice: the options are endless.