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The Incision Assist mobile app provides the information required for a successful operating room performance:

 Setting up the OR
  List of supplies and equipment needed
  Sets of instructions on a variety of surgical cases 
  Positioning of the patient, and more

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Incision Assist in 1-minute

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We partner with leading clinics, societies and institutions across the world to deliver the most up-to-date, clinically relevant and high-quality surgical solutions available. 

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If you’re looking to empower staff,  boost teamwork, and optimize OR efficiency, this demo is for you!

Incision Assist supports the whole surgical team with highly engaging, bite-sized learning. Perfect for new hires, students, and cross-training.

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- Perioperative Services Manager/OR Manager
- Surgical Services Directors 

HubSpot Video

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Johan Thelen, OR Manager


“Since we introduced Incision, none of our newcomers have dropped off. I’m convinced it’s because they feel more secure and better prepared when they first enter the OR."


   Fast onboarding & structured training
   Build confidence with digital assistance
   Visually engaging, easy-to-use mobile app

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