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Incision Assist

Get OR teams prepared at the table, fast

Provide a unified view of requirements and preferences accessible to everyone.

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Incision Assist

Incision Assist provides the surgical team access to the right information to support them through any procedure.

Itโ€™s visually engaging and easy to use so you can be confident that your team is consuming the right content at the right time. 

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The Companion App

Surgeon-specific information about a procedure is available to the perioperative team through a companion app. 

In the app, the team can easily view video clips on surgical equipment, tools, and materials.

All the critical information needed to perform is directly accessible at their fingertips, allowing the team to accurately prepare and align with other team members before surgery.

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Companion app for improving surgical performance


Your benefits

Better OR preparation


  Surgeon-specific information

  Critical information directly accessible at your fingertips.

Better risk management


  Instructional clips on surgical equipment, tools, and materials

  Keep track of competencies

Better teams

  Better train & retain your team; more flexible planning

  Set-up the operating room perfectly every time

Better team performance


  Plan, do, check, and act to optimize team performance in the OR  

  Continuous improvement; locked-in with standardization

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Move faster by organizing your protocols

The key to productivity in the OR is organized protocolsโ€”a different one for every surgeon if needed. With all the people, setups and instructions related to a procedure in one place, you can move a whole lot faster.

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Our partners

Four major Dutch hospitals will act as innovation partners and will be among the first to work with Incision Assist: Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST), Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), Amsterdam University Medical Center, and IJsselland Ziekenhuis (YSL).

Medical device companies Mรถlnlycke and Stryker will be the first companies to collaborate with Incision to deliver content for the surgical equipment and materials section of the app.

Data analytics partner NewCompliance will be the first to partner with Incision to create the infrastructure so that the information can be displayed on several screens in the OR.

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What innovation partners are saying

โ€˜With Incision Assist, we expect a significant reduction in wasted materials and time. By combining protocol data with the individual specifications for each patient, we aim to reduce the time that teams need to prepare patients for the OR. Team preparation is coordinated through visualization of this data, allowing an easy rollout and intuitive workflow. This should benefit the work atmosphere and offer a safe learning and working environment.โ€

Ever wondered how you can increase team efficiency in the operating room?

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