Assist: A Mobile Platform for Operating Room Teams

  • Assist

Assist is a mobile application created by Incision to support the performance of surgical and perioperative staff and their teams. Staff using Assist are more confident, better prepared, able to access information faster, and more familiar
with the equipment and materials they work with. Assist has been comprehensively implemented by participating institutes to generate high levels of usage, customization and satisfaction.

Assist enables teams to capture, share, and access clinical protocols and professional workflows. Through optimized access to essential information — and the improved preparedness and performance this affords — the overall length of new staff training and onboarding programs have been successfully reduced (up to 25%). This saves time, reduces costs, and ameliorates the supervision burden on preceptors and supervisors. More junior staff can safely assist with low complexity procedures, boosting productivity and further accelerating their learning. Staff retention over training is improved. Overall team efficiency is increased and the changeover time between surgeries is reduced (by an average of 9 minutes), more so for complex procedures.

This white paper presents Assist as a high-impact tool that can be successfully introduced in an operating department to directly improve efficiency, standardization, and financial performance. These results provide attractive and valuable insights for healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their perioperative processes.

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