Jan Sluimers MD

Zoeterwoude the Netherlands

Specialism: Plastic and Reconstructive surgery


At this moment I'm an independent retired medical professional who's current occupation is to share his experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
For example by the way of:
- An offline App for Google Glass (closure of a complete unilateral cleft lip)
- A hands on course (Back to Basics) to conceptualize reconstructive surgery
- 3D instruction films of plastic surgical procedures

After a 2 years post graduate training in surgery, anaesthesia obstetrics and gyneacology and a 3 month course in tropical medicin he was the Mo in charge of St Anthonys hospital in Ghana (1975-1978) he became a general surgeon (Leiden University Hospital) in 1984 and a plastic and reconstructive surgeon (Erasmus Medical center Rotterdam) in 1988.
Senior consultant plastic and reconstructive surgery Bronovo Hospital the Hague
1988-2010 Hand and microvascular surgery
Senior consultant Head and Neck reconstructive surgery Daniel the Hoed Oncologic Centre Rotterdam 2000-2006
Senior cosultant Hand and wrist centre the hague 1995-2010
Leader of medical teams involved in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Ghana
Interplast 12x , Ethiopiƫ 4x and Nigeria 11x (Noma surgery) and Indonesia 9x Establising a plastic surgical training centre in Medan Sumatra (In progress)