Prof. Jason B. Trimbos MD, PhD.

Leiden University Medical Center
Leiden, The Netherlands

Specialism: Gynecology & Gynecology Oncology


Professor of Gynaecologic Surgery at the Leiden University Medical Center.

Professor Trimbos trained in surgery and oncology at Harvard Medical School, the Dutch Cancer Centre (NKI) and the University of New South Wales in Sydney. He is a dedicated and experienced pelvic surgeon and was head of the Department of Gynaecology at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in Leiden for nearly 25 years. In that hospital he was also chairman of one of the three clinical divisions, comprising 12 clinical departments. He is a member and past Vice President of the Society of Pelvic Surgeons. Professor Trimbos is well known for his work in nerve sparing radical surgery and the surgery of early stage ovarian cancer.