Prof. Richard van Hilligersberg MD, PhD

University Medical Center Utrecht
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Specialism: Surgical Oncology


Prof. dr. Richard Hilligersberg focusses on malignant diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Research contains all aspects of optimising the surgical treatment for patients with upper GI cancer. This includes MRI imaging and radiotherapy planning, genetic profiling of oesophageal cancer, preconditioning of surgical candidates, minimally invasive robotic surgery, developing vagal nerve sparing operating techniques.
Another research topic is the local RFA ablation of solid hepatic and pancreatic tumors. This consist of preclinical studies as well as clinical trials

Prof. dr. Richard van Hillegersberg attended medical school in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 1990 he received a research grant from the Dutch Digestive Foundation, that enabled him to perform PhD research on the local treatment of liver metastases at the Department of Surgery, Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. In 1993 he received his PhD with honor. After obtaining his MD in 1994, he was a resident of Surgery in Rotterdam and was registered as general surgeon in 2000. From 2001-2002 he was a fellow of Surgical Oncology in the Academic Medical Center and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Netherlands Cancer Center Amsterdam. Since 2003 he is appointed as staff surgeon at the University Medical Center Utrecht. From 2009 he is a full professor of gastrointestinal oncology and program leader of the GI-Oncology department. His clinical interests is upper gastrointestinal tract surgery. Research is focused on minimally invasive and robotic surgery, surgical imaging, genetic profiling and radiofrequency ablation for cancer. He has authored and co-authored over 250 articles in international peer-reviewed journals. He is past president of the Dutch GI Surgical Association, past board member of the Dutch Surgical Association, board member of the Dutch Society for liver surgery, president of the European Digestive Surgery, Chairman Dutch Upper GI Surgery Working Group and member of the permanent Scientific committee OESO World Organisation for Specilised studies on diseases of the esophagus.