Prof. Theo Wiggers MD, PhD, FRCS Surgeon

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Specialism: Colorectal surgery


Professor Theo Wiggers is one of the co-founders of INCISION Academy and the Chief Medical Officer of the INCISION group.

Professor Theo Wiggers has been a surgeon and trainer in surgical oncology for almost 30 years. Today he is still appointed at the University Medical Centre Groningen, The Netherlands. Furthermore, he holds several advisory and supervisory board positions for healthcare organizations, with special attention to quality control.

The original idea of making 3D films of surgical procedures for educational purposes comes from Theo. After he financed and produced his own surgical 3D film in 2012, he pitched his concept to healthcare entrepreneur Jaap Maljers. Together, they converted it into a business plan for a new organisation, with the aim to improve the education of surgeons worldwide.

At INCISION, Theo holds the position of Chief Medical Officer. He probably thought that with this “INCISION project”, he could take it slow at the end of his professional career. The truth is, we keep him busy – and at the office – almost every day. Theo is very passionate about the creation of our medical content, with a sharp eye for the educational details, and is full of ideas how we can apply the latest visualisation technologies to our INCISION products.