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Senior surgeons share the benefit of their experience in unique, easy to watch videos, providing tips & tricks for the OR. Whether you are an experienced surgeon or surgical resident, our freely available Tips & Tricks videos will improve your skills and expertise for surgery. Learn from senior surgeons as they share their own best practices in a novel way in our step-by-step video guides.

Let us know if you have your unique tips&tricks that you would like to share, or if you know someone who has the best knowledge to share!

Tips Prof. Wiggers

By Professor Theo Wiggers, the Netherlands
Medical Director & founding father

Examples in daily life can help you in finding solutions in the operating theatre. Watch the video to learn tips&tricks about

  • Fixing a Drain
  • Preventing the Slipping of Bowel
  • Knotting in the free space
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Tips Prof. Trimbos

By Professor Jason Baptist Trimbos, the Netherlands
Professor Emeritus of Gynecologic Oncology at the Leiden University Medical Center

Watch the video to learn tips & tricks about

  • A simple mnemonic to remember the number of the surgical blades
  • Rinsing of the operating field
  • Knowledge of knots from surgery to improve the quality of your daily life
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