We are Incision

We are a group of highly motivated, structured and passionate people. We are surgeons, anatomists, medical doctors and business professionals who take action everyday. We’re exploring new paths and we’re changing the world of surgical education, step by step.

Shareholder Board


Strategic advisor

Derk Haank

Derk Haank is president of the Supervisory board at TomTom. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board of KPN.

Derk is a former board member of Reed Elsevier and from 2004 to 2018 he was the CEO of SpringerNature.

He has also been a member of the Nuon Supervisory Board.


Board member & Strategic advisor

Reinier Feitz

After training as a plastic surgeon, Reinier Feitz specialized in hand, wrist and peripheral nerve surgery

Reinier is a co-founder of the Xpert Clinic, with 22 branches in the Netherlands.
He publishes extensively in the field of hand surgery and is active as a medico-legal expert (NVMSR)

His MTP (massive transformation purpose) is to change the incidental and ad hoc collection of patient data into a routine and democratized outcome monitoring of health data. His current goals are personalized handsurgery and outcome prediction.


Board member & founding father

Jaap Maljers (MD MBA)

Jaap Maljers is a serial entrepreneur in health care & IT. He was the founder of Plexus (consultancy company), ZorgDomein (Systems integrator platform) and Bergman Clinics (focus clinics).

Across the globe he has advised policy makers on health care systems. He was on the board of Amref Flying Doctors and chairman of the Dutch Children Cancer research foundation ‘KiKa’.

As co-founder of Incision he brings his belief into practice that there should be no boundaries to access to the best possible medical knowledge.


Board member & founding father

Guido Geerts (MSC)

Guido Geerts is the President & CEO of Delft Imaging Systems. He has over twenty years of experience in the medical imaging industry. He was director of Oldelft Benelux and Rogan, and is currently also CEO of Thirona.

He is a serial developer of business concepts for low cost high quality healthcare in the digital age.


Board member & founding father

Theo Wiggers (MD PhD FRCS)

Theo Wiggers founded Incision in 2014, to provide the world with the best surgical care. As Medical Director he is very passionate about the creation of our medical content, with a sharp eye for the educational details, and is full of ideas how we can apply the latest visualisation technologies to our Incision products.

Theo is also a Member of the Supervisory Board of the ZGT hospital in Almelo.

Medical Advisory Board


Chair of the Board

Jaap Bonjer

Jaap Bonjer is a minimally invasive surgeon and Head of the Department of Surgery at Amsterdam University Medical Center. His focus lies on innovating surgical technology and surgical education. His vision is to shorten the training period from student to surgeon.


Board member

David Farley

Professor Farley worked previously as a surgical consultant in the Department of Surgery at Mayo Clinic. He joined the Department in 1994 and served as the director of the General Surgery residency program for 15 years, educating over 300 residents during this period.

Management Team


Chief Operating Officer

Elisabeth Stevens

As COO I help Incision deliver the best service and products in a scalable way so that more surgical professionals worldwide can improve their skills and positively impact health care. With my background I hospitality I am passionate about delighting customers and solving their needs.

Over a decade I helped scale Booking.com  to become the worlds’ largest online travel company. I love bringing the experience of fast growth in tech to Incision and build a future-proof organization to achieve our important mission.


Chief Medical Officer /Surgeon

Marian Scheer (MD/PhD)

After finishing my surgical residency I aspired a function beyond the borders of the hospital in which my surgical knowledge could be useful. The goal of helping other people by improving the education of surgeons worldwide inspired me. As a surgeon I’m responsible for the medical content of the Incision Academy. I’m managing and supervising the production team and I’m responsible for the planning of the film shoots.


Chief Executive Officer

Ritsaart van Montfrans

Since January 2017 I am leading the team at Incision. Prior to Incision, I started a company called NewMotion, now the leading European player in charging solutions for electric cars. I love leading start-ups where commercial success goes hand-in-hand with achieving impact.


Chief Commercial Officer

Charles Pallandt

I am really excited to work at Incision, a growing and dynamic company on a mission! I find the positive feedback we receive from surgeons as well as from residents across the globe extremely encouraging.


Chief Product and Technology Officer

Raimo van der Klein

For more than 20 years I have been working in the field of innovation and technology. Starting off at larger organisations such as Nokia and KPN. Followed by a period of entrepreneurship. With my company Layar I succeeded in becoming a global leader in the world of Augmented Reality and interactive print. Last few years I focused on realizing digital transformation and digital growth through building healthy product development processes and teams.

Incision team


Marketing Director

Kim Taylor

As Marketing Director I am responsible for the branding and positioning of Incision, and making sure that our target audiences know about the solutions we offer. My background and passion is in helping impact start-ups and scale-ups grow rapidly. My goal is to put Incision on the map and make sure we can create a lot of positive impact as we grow worldwide.


Product Owner

Robbert Wienen

I’ve always been enthusiastic about educating people and I believe in the strength of visual education. That’s why Incision is a good fit for me. I have the chance to create a tool to optimize surgical education in a creative and innovative way. Our team wants to create the best content possible and I’m happy to be part of this process.


Medical Content Creator

Anne Loman

At Incision I create medical courses, which gives me the opportunity to combine my medical background with my creative skills. We are committed to teach surgical skills to future surgeons in a clear and interactive manner. I am excited to be part of this creative and enthusiastic team and curious to see what the future holds and how we can further have an impact on improving the surgical field.


Director of Partnerships

Judith Rijlaarsdam

After having worked on clean mobility for a long time, I am very happy to now contribute to another great mission, the improvement of surgical care. I love to build customer partnerships and to add value with innovative solutions that help turn the mission into reality. In my role as Director of partnerships I do exactly that – and it’s wonderful to be part of such a motivated team!


Medical Content Creator

Wilna Slootboom

At Incision I’m responsible for the creation of courses for scrub nurses. I’ve worked for eighteen years as a scrub nurse. Sharing knowledge in a creative way and make an impact worldwide is something I’m really exciting about. I’m happy to be part of the Incision team.


Medical Content Creator

Rick van den Hende

With my background and experience as a nurse anesthetist I’m joining the enthusiastic production team at Incision. By writing, filming and shaping the anesthesia portfolio we add more knowledge to our academy and make the OR a better and safer place.



Arne Noot

Ever since my Art & Technology education I have been specializing into video in the broadest sense. I’ve worked for various creative agencies, shooting and editing B2B marketing video, and it’s great to put those skills to use in a team of medical and educational professionals!


AI Video Assessment Lead

Robin Vergouwen

I am intrigued by the similarities and differences of the human brain and the ‘computer brain’. How do we perceive the world around us? How do we see what is present in an image or a video? And how can we make a computer understand what is present in an image or a video?

At Incision, I am trying to answer this question on a daily basis by developing algorithms that can automatically analyse surgical images and videos with the use of Artificial Intelligence. It is amazing to work towards realizing the potential of standardized analysis and feedback generation in the field of surgical training.


Medical Content Creator

Thomas Needs

Medical Content Creator/ Scrub Nurse

Ester ter Hoeve

I have been a scrub nurse for 28 years and was looking for a new challenge. At Incision I can put all my skills to good use. I think its very important to have the same information and education for all the scrub nurses at hand so we can lift the standard to a higher level. I am excited to be part of the team that will make this happen.


Financial Manager

Gertjan Hoogvliet

With 10+ year experience in “how to run administration” in growing businesses, it’s my job to structure financial processes across Incision since February 2019. I like working in an enthusiastic environment where people want to improve Healthcare globally. I’m responsible within Incision for all financial activities, including P&L, budgeting, forecasting.


Customer Consultant

Louise Driessen

I have been working as a community midwife in Amsterdam for over 6 years now. Now I am combining midwifery care and creating medical content which to me feels like a perfect fit. Live long learning and sharing medical knowledge is important for health care professionals and I am happy to contribute to that purpose through making high quality films.


Product Creation & Process Optimization Lead

August Oudshoorn

Incision is a company with a passion for education and innovation and they are working hard on realizing their vision of creating a platform with the best surgical educational content. I am happy to be part of this young and energetic team and excited about the future of the company.


Business Development Manager

Femke van der Gaag (MBA)

With almost 10 years experience as a healthcare manager, I know how to establish partnerships between different stakeholders, disciplines and customers, with the aim of improving the quality of the services and solving complex issues. My MBA helped me to see the organisational behaviour, change management and marketing perspective of a hospital and healthcare in a bigger way. I’m convinced that: listening to stakeholders both internally and externally, see the changes as a teameffort and connecting the right people and services, is the key for succes.


Computer Graphics Lead

Toon Koebrugge

I have always been interested in moving and still images. During my education of Art & Technology, visual effects and computer graphics caught my interest. Since then I have always been working on teaching myself how to use this to visualize my own and other peoples ideas.

After graduating I started working for Incision because out of all things, I still think scientific images are the coolest.


Video Editor

Sacha Odufré

After 20 years of making television in which I have edited all possible types of programs, it’s a nice challenge to work with a lot of care on these specialist 3D videos. I am known as a critical video editor with a lot of experience and expertise. I think it’s fantastic to use those skills on education in the medical world.


Customer Consultant

Eva Andriessen

After a year of working in the clinic I felt like it was time to explore other options and qualities and I am very happy to do so at Incision. Incision is a young company with great ideas and an energetic environment to work in and develop myself. The work we do here contributes to better surgical knowledge on a global scale and is therefore very motivating and satisfying.


Project Manager

Linda de Ree

In my role as Project Manager at Incision I am responsible for different projects. I am the link in a well-motivated team. I have an overview of everything that plays and know what everyone has on their plate.

Managing expectations, making plans and adjusting where necessary. Chasing everybody! It is all part of it.


Medical Content Creator

Yosine Delgado

After almost three years of clinical experience at the surgery department, I started working for Incision. As a medical content creator I contribute to creating and sharing (surgical) medical knowledge worldwide, together with a sparkling team. Working at Incision as a medical content creator gives me the opportunity to use and further develop my medical knowledge and creativity.


Account Manager Scandinavia

Miguel Mendes

Joining Incision's mission aligns well with my purpose-oriented career dedicated to improving global health. With 5+ years of experience within the medical device industry across Europe and a multidisciplinary background, I am excited to bring Incision solutions to Scandinavia and fuel our international expansion.

I believe that helping Nordic surgical teams to enhance their performance will lead to improved patient outcomes in the region, shifting Incision forward and closer to our mission goal of widening the access to the best surgical care on a global scale.


Account Manager UK & Ireland

Michael Smeele

I believe Incision will give the ability to take steps towards an efficient and complete surgical care. As an account manager my aim will be to introduce health care professionals to Incision and help overcome any obstacles which may complicate the training and supporting of medical personnel. I relish the opportunity of building on the experience I gained working in both healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry and look forward to sharing the advantages offered by our company.


3D Artist

Simon Garcia

I’m a Venezuelan living in Amsterdam since 2019 and a 3D Artist since 2014. I’ve enjoyed every single second I’ve worked on different projects from gaming to product visualisation and augmented reality. Working at Incision is definitely the next step for me since my work is going to be for the sake of medical education. With Incision I’m looking forward to evolving and creating new techniques, new ways to create such medical courses with my 3D knowledge while upgrading my skill set.


Data analyst

Yuxi Cheng

As a data analyst, my responsibility is to make data accessible and understandable for all my stakeholders. My goal is not only to bring insight from data to my team but also to influence the team to be data-driven. I am very excited to be a part of the Incision family and grow together.


Trainee SurgicAId project

Daniel van den Corput

Junior Editor

Alan Larysch

As a Junior Editor I really enjoy being part of Incision. I love the versatility and different areas of use of audiovisual creations. After three years of being a cameraman and editor at a german TV station, I am now looking forward to offer my skills in order to produce high-quality videos in such an important field as medical education is. At the same time I cannot wait to widen my skillset while being part of the Incision-team.


Senior Software Developer

Marijke Dekker

I have been a software developer for more than 12 years and worked on different projects in a variety of sectors. As a developer I feel the biggest challenge is to translate a great business idea to a fitting technical solution and I will try to make the communication between these different competencies go as smoothly as possible.

International representatives


Key Account Manager Poland

Artur Dolny

The medical market is moving strongly towards digitalization. The Incision products portfolio meets the market trends and expectations. I am sure we will see strong market growth in the next years.


Country Director Indonesia

Lusia Sari

Excited to join a fast-growing company who believe in education and provide solution-based for surgeons, residents, and other healthcare practitioners.


Customer Success Consultant

Ewa Tomaszewska

I am an active physiotherapist and a translator who has a strong interest in medicine, IT and foreign languages. I found a good opportunity to combine these three passions at Incision, and what is more, to make my customers successful in using Incision Academy, at every stage of their medical career path. Both teaching and learning can be greatly facilitated with such an impressive tool created by Incision!

I am absolutely sure that the hi-tech platform is the future core of practical skills acquisition for students of medicine, a perfect revision for doctors and a useful interactive tool for university teachers. Any other enthusiasts of the medical world of innovation will be also satisfied after trying our product out. In the world of technology we touch every day, we should not miss the chance of giving ourselves effective tools which are the best investment in our success.


Customer Support Lead

Esraa Salah

Working in the customer care field is one of the things I’m very passionate about, and fortunately I got the chance throughout my years of experience to work to support customers and enhance their experience through different channels. Now I’m looking forward to putting all my years of experience and all my skills into work at Incision as a Customer Support Lead to achieve and exceed all the goals for my position.


Account Solutions Manager Egypt

Ahmed Safwat

I am really very excited to join the Incision team. It is a creative and promising educational method that will add benefits to our surgeons.


Regional Director MEA

Mohamed Elshazly

I am really excited to work at Incision, a growing company with very promising educational programs that will have a lot of benefits to our surgeons and patients.


Local Representative South Africa

Annemiek Dekker

As a medical doctor having worked in surgery and in rural settings in South Africa I am very excited to work for Incision and promote use of it within this developing country. I believe it is such a valuable and innovative addition for the training program of doctors and future doctors. And especially here in South Africa for doctors working in settings with limited supervision and resources it can really make a difference.


Local Representative Kenya

Moses Obimbo (MD/PhD

Moses has spent almost fifteen years in higher-level training, very very scary…I think! He is now focusing on becoming a leading expert in the area of Obstetrics translational and discovery medicine in Africa, leveraging his training in Human Anatomy and his emerging roles as an obstetrician and gynecologist and IT expert.

He is fondly regarded by his university students as the Mr. Nice guy and he intends to live up to that spirit by inspiring new innovations in the areas of Obstetrics, Gynecology and other specialized forms of surgeries. He works very hard during the week with a countdown to Friday evenings when he forgets all challenges and all that matter is to catch up with his buddies. Married to a prettiest wife and with two very fantastic kids, Moses enjoys spending time with them at any given instant. He joins Incision as a regional African representative.


Local Representative Ghana

Elvis Kuma Forson (MD)

Elvis Kuma Forson works as an MD and is Incision’s local representative in Ghana.

team_international_representatives_ehmed kobtan@2x

Customer Consultant Egypt

Ahmed Kobtan

I am very happy, proud to be a part of the incision team and excited to do my best for sharing the best surgical care everywhere possible and serving the patients all over the world.