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Assist: Seamlessly access critical information for surgical success

Empower your OR team to streamline orientation and boost efficiency.

In the face of staffing challenges, efficient onboarding becomes paramount. Enter Assist, the surgical workflow optimization platform designed to equip your staff with all the necessary resources they need to hit the ground running. With features that are available on-the-go like 3D OR set-up, surgeon preferences, and detailed surgical steps, Assist instills a sense of preparedness and competence in your staff. Streamline your orientation, enhance confidence, and ensure the ability to deliver exceptional care. Join the ranks of successful healthcare institutions and empower your OR team with Incision Assist today.

On-the-Go Protocol Access

Stay prepared anytime, anywhere with Assist

With the Assist app, OR staff can conveniently access digital protocols, enabling them to prepare for procedures on the go. Intuitive browsing and information layout make it effortless to find the specific information they need, reducing the time spent searching for protocols. Surgeons' preferences, materials and draping requirements, room setup in 3D, surgical steps, and postoperative instructions are all just a few taps away.

In addition, by providing on-the-go access to protocols, Assist breaks down the information barrier, allowing managers' input to become even more valuable. Users are also able to add personal notes to protocols, centralizing learning and making information more accessible. Whether it's checking protocols by surgeon or specialty, Assist ensures that OR staff can quickly retrieve the relevant information they require.

Surgeon-Specific Insights

Surgeon-specific protocols at your fingertips

Gone are the days of searching through piles of papers to access surgeons' preferences. With the Assist mobile app, checking surgeon preferences has never been easier. The app's easy layout presents detailed information on surgeons’ preferences, including surgical steps, room setup and patient positioning, as well as materials and draping requirements.

Additionally, employees can add personal notes to protocols in order to keep all critical information in one easy-access place. With this comprehensive and organized approach, your team will always stay prepared for various procedures, no matter where they are. Experience the freedom and efficiency of having critical information readily available on your staff’s mobile device.

Practical Learning Hub

Develop clinical skills on the job

Step into a world of practical learning with Assist. Designed to support your team’s growth and proficiency in the operating room, this feature goes beyond traditional learning methods to provide hands-on experiences and valuable insights. With Assist, your team can experience the immersive interactive anatomy models, enabling deep understanding of patient anatomy, facilitating better decision-making and surgical precision.

As well as this, OR staff can access device manuals, instructional videos, and troubleshooting tips. We integrate tips and best practices from experienced nurses directly into protocols. This innovative feature enables quick learning and knowledge sharing, fostering a collaborative environment and enhancing the overall efficiency of your surgical team.

Team Communication

Seamless OR communication through a single channel

With Smart Updates, all relevant updates are conveniently presented in a centralized feed, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches. Whether it's a new backorder, staff shortage, updated protocols, or new equipment requirements, your team can easily access and stay informed about any updates directly within the app.

The Smart Updates Feed goes beyond a general feed by allowing staff to filter updates by specialty or even specific procedures. This targeted approach ensures that your staff can quickly find the information they need, reducing uncertainty and saving valuable time during preparation. Your team can simply go to the procedure in the app, check everything related to it, and stay updated with any changes.

Assist Manager

Digitize and streamline your protocol management with ease

With Assist Manager, as a team lead you can effortlessly manage and update protocols, ensuring that your team has instant access to the most up-to-date information.

Any changes or revisions you make to protocols are instantly reflected and your team is notified, eliminating the need for time-consuming paperwork and ensuring that your team is always working with the latest protocols.

By taking charge of protocol management in the Assist Manager Portal, you’re able to efficiently make changes, gather feedback, and iterate on protocols. This streamlined workflow promotes continuous improvement and allows you to adapt protocols based on evolving best practices and feedback from your team members.

3D OR Setup

Immersive 3D visualization for optimal OR preparation

Experience unmatched visual representation and streamline your operating room preparation with Assist’s 3D visualization of the operating room. This feature allows you to visualize the OR in stunning detail, offering a comprehensive and interactive view of patient positioning, staff placement, and equipment arrangement tailored to each surgeon and procedure. By leveraging this powerful visual tool, you can optimize your room setup, reduce turnover times, and enhance efficiency.

For those who prefer concise information, Assist also presents a clear and to-the-point list of your OR setup essentials. This comprehensive checklist ensures that no crucial element is overlooked, enabling a smooth and efficient preparation process. Whether you prefer an immersive visual experience or a concise checklist, Assist empowers you to achieve consistent and optimal OR preparation, maximizing resource utilization and ultimately enhancing patient care.

Empowering operating room staff for success

Facing challenges like understaffing, stress, and decreased morale, operating departments need a game-changing solution. Enter Incision Assist, a convenient and portable tool that supports daily operations. From surgeon preferences to procedure protocols and interactive anatomy models, our platform streamlines onboarding and boosts confidence.

Don't just take our word for it

Incision's learning and performance platform has already made its mark in the healthcare industry. With over 200 hospitals and universities worldwide utilizing our platform, we have become a trusted partner in driving excellence in medical education and performance in ORs.

  • Start each day with the team completely aligned [.] so we can focus on what's most important: our patients.

  • Gives us the unified view we need to distribute the right information to the right people, before every procedure.

  • I can quickly check protocols from home and before any new operation. This gives me peace of mind and more confidence at the table.

  • A well-prepared operating room is a job already half-done.

  • Staff feel more secure, more aligned and better prepared when they enter the OR.

Guided implementation for revolutionary result

1. Preparation (2–4 weeks); 2. Kick-off meeting; 3. Hospital delivering protocols (2 weeks); 4. Baseline impact measurement; 5. Protocol building (6 weeks); 6. Protocol check (2 weeks); 7. Go live (training and support); 8. Onboarding (2 weeks); 9. Finalizing impact measurement; 10. Adoption; 11. Impact Evaluation Expansion (Go/No Go).

At Incision, we understand that changing processes can be complex, but we are here to guide you every step of the way in revolutionizing your daily operations. Our tailored support, led by your dedicated Customer Success Manager, ensures a seamless implementation of all protocols and specialist preferences into Assist, optimizing your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

With our guided implementation approach, you can confidently embrace the transformation of your processes, maximizing the benefits of Assist to streamline your operations and elevate the quality of patient care.