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Intuitive learning.
Accredited content.
Standardized care.

Learn from the very highest standards of surgical and perioperative practice with Incision Academy.

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As surgical care evolves, learning must adapt.


Clinical training is traditionally structured around long periods of intensive supervision and direct exposure to patient care: highly expensive both in time and direct costs. With unprecedented pressures being placed on healthcare systems, scalable, cost-effective training is a vital global strategy to provide high-quality surgical care. 


This comes with a number of challenges. Surgical and perioperative practices vary significantly across the world. Learning resources quickly become outdated. Techniques and treatments change, making it hard to source quality, up-to-date information. Standardization is now as complex as it is essential.

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High-quality solutions enabling
high-impact training.

Incision Academy contains over 700 video-based courses covering surgery, perioperative care and anesthesia — supporting all levels of learner.

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Intuitive learning for step-by-step understanding.

Our media-rich content and validated methodology are proven to improve practical understanding and supplement training.

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>400 surgical procedures
and skills.


Elective and emergent surgical management, organized per specialty, per approach and per course type.

    Open, minimally invasive and robotic approaches
    Introductory and basic knowledge courses
    Applied surgical anatomy
    Live surgical patients 
    Anatomy lab demonstrations

    Basic surgical skills
    Global surgical competencies 
    Complex specialist procedures
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>100 perioperative care and anesthesia courses.


Supporting all staff working in the perioperative environment as well as topics covering anesthesia and critical care. 

    Key foundational knowledge
    Generic clinical skills
    Asepsis and operating room etiquette
    Sterile processing
    Equipment setup and operation
    Commonly used devices
    Core anesthetic principles
    Critical care procedures
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>150 Dutch-language courses.

Cursus basiskennis en vaardigheden voor operatieassistenten, anesthesiemedewerkers en verkoeververpleegkundigen. Inclusief instrumenten, materialen en chirurgische apparatuur.




Interactive 3D anatomy models.

Surgically accurate 3D models covering over 30 anatomical regions, based on CT scans. 

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Trusted by leading institutions.

All across the world, thousands of users rely on the Incision Academy to supplement training, consolidate knowledge and boost learning.

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