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Incision Assist: Digital Support for Operating Teams

At the core of successful team performance is reliable information sharing and optimal access to resources. With the right systems in place to deliver the right information to the right people, perioperative teams are aligned and empowered to perform at the highest level. Click below to book a demonstration with any of our representatives to get to know more about Incision's 'Assist'.

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What is Incision Assist?


Incision Assist is a mobile app providing a dedicated platform for

perioperative teams to prepare, align and interact everyday. Using familiar,

intuitive technology, customized protocols and key perioperative information

which can be accessed at any time, from any place. It includes patient

preparations, positionings, draping, equipment setups, materials lists,

surgical steps, and much more, organized per procedure and per specialty.

Why Incision Assist?

Assist enables team leads and managers to easily curate and distribute updates, providing tight and effective version control and the ability to implement emerging best practices rapidly. Temporary and locum staff can quickly and easily check workflows at a new hospital or department, down to the level of surgeon-specific preferences and patient-specific variations. Onboarding can be streamlined through optimized team-wide alignment and standardization.

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customized information


Going forward, Assist provides a unique framework to build a custom digital infrastructure to capture unit-specific workflows and change how perioperative teams access, organize and share critical information. To get more insights on how Assist can transform your surgical department and revolutionize perioperative team performance, feel free to try it yourself by requesting access to our free demo environment. Access will be provided within 2 business days.


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The information you need, when you need it

Key surgical and perioperative protocols, setups,

materials and much, much more - straight to your mobile


Optimized orientation and team alignment

Clear and efficient workflow capture, enabling new and

temporary staff to quickly get up to speed and stay in sync

Streamlined teamwide communication

Post real-time updates and communicate with your

team through a single feed


Custom digital infrastructure

Manage protocols, share information and

prepare your teams for the challenges ahead






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