Case study: The Wenckebach Institute

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The Wenckebach Institute (WIOO) focuses on the development, education and training of all healthcare professionals. WIOO facilitates a work-experience learning environment and is part of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) located in the Netherlands.

For this case, we spoke to Sandra Slaa, Programme Manager for medical education within the nursing and health domain. In their programs WIOO educates and trains nurse anesthetists, scrub nurses and endoscopic nurses in close collaboration with hospitals. They tackle subjects such as work-place learning, offering students a practical learning experience within a safe working environment.

The challenge

The amount of knowledge a student needs to master both in theory and practice can be overwhelming. To a great extent students are learning by doing. However, learning on the job is a very dynamic process with many interventions and techniques that are still relatively new. According to Sandra, a more visual way of learning is needed to both teach, stimulate and improve students’ performance.

We were searching for an e-learning platform that helps students to improve their learning with various tools.

two nurses removing adhesion with scissors

The solution

According to Sandra, publications and research all point out that people truly learn a lot from blended learning.

Blended learning is mixing various ways of learning while people perform their jobs. It reduces and optimizes the traditional formal learning time and cultivates self-reliant, highly engaged learners.

The courses on the Incision Academy are used by WIO as a teaching method, and to facilitate performance support. Students have access to high quality surgical training to prepare for the operating room, ensuring they are in the lead and can draw upon the tool at any time.

Why Incision?

According to Sandra, gaining and sustaining effective on-the-job performance of students requires a complete learning ecosystem. Incision plays an important role in facilitating the blended learning that is critical to enable continuous surgical improvement.

There are big steps to be made in the transfer from theory to practice. The Incision Academy bridges this gap and provides a supplement to performance support. There are so many complex techniques to learn, and the Incision Academy really helps students to master these.

It’s about lifelong learning in this dynamic environment. With tools like these we can continuously adjust, evaluate and update the quality of learning.

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