What is new in Incision Assist v1.0.8

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We love our customers so it’s always a good feeling when we release a new update for our app. Through every update we try to bring more excitement, more interesting features, and more ways that can help you prepare even more successfully for the operating room with our app. Today we want to share with you some of the things we’ve been working on and how you can use these new improvements to make your next day in the OR even better than the one before.

Dark mode

With every new iPhone or Android update, your device will ask you whether you want to use Light Mode, Dark Mode, or an automatic time switch.

With Dark mode or the automatic time switch enabled, Incision Assist customizes the screen color to your preferences or surroundings, improving your visual experience and allowing you to focus on what is in front of you while reducing strain on your eyes. This means you can now even prepare for surgery late at night and have a more restful sleep because your eyes don't need to adjust to the light as often.

– Taher Abdel Hadi, Product Owner Apps

Bonus tip: Dark mode reduces the power consumption of your mobile phone by up to 30%!

New video player

Incision’s library of medical content includes both bite-sized videos and more comprehensive learning modules. With the new video player, you can quickly jump back and forth between chapters while you're watching a video. You can also easily scroll in a video by dragging the encircle on the left or right sides of the video player.

The player will be nicer to use, let’s you easily navigate multi-chapter video and lets you jump to different parts in a video without having to watch the entire thing. This means you spend less time scrolling through a video and always have a piece of the video handily at your fingertips. No more scrubbing or rewinding!"

— Bart van de Biezen, Design Lead

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